Accelerating Drug Discovery

Join the forefront of pharma drug design with cryo-EM

As targets become more challenging, solving structures of your drug target molecules or biologics also becomes increasingly difficult. Structure-based drug design is not always a given, but cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), a powerful biophysical technique that can analyze molecular assemblies, is changing the paradigm. By adding cryo-EM to your portfolio of methods, all your projects can now be structure-enabled.

Whether you are a structural biologist or a medicinal chemist, cryo-EM allows you to visualize anything, from small to large molecules, at near-atomic resolution. With this level of detail, you can obtain time-critical insight for your particular drug discovery project.

Learn how cryo-EM empowers you to take advantage of rational drug design for many more major drug target classes, leading to best-in-class drugs.


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Why Do Pharma Companies Invest in Cryo-EM?

Drug discovery

  • Facing ever more challenging targets, structural biologists need high-resolution information of large, complex and flexible samples that are extremely difficult to crystallize. Cryo-EM enables these structural insights.

  • More than 50% of new protein-based drug targets are membrane proteins, which are large, complex and exhibit structural changes when isolated outside the membrane. These must be analyzed in their native environment to obtain relevant structural information.

  • Cryo-EM offers the ability to analyze membrane proteins in a lipid environment. This method has been used to successfully determine the structures of vaccines that target membrane proteins.

Competitive advantage

  • Early cryo-EM adopters have learned that this method accelerates time-to-drug-discovery and supports their leading-edge position.

  • Leading pharma companies around the globe have purchased cryo-EM systems (such as the Thermo Scientific Krios G3i Cryo-TEM) to ensure they do not miss this opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of drug discovery.

Investment value

  • First adopters have indicated that their cryo-TEM instruments paid off quickly and proved to be an excellent value for their investment.

  • Our new leasing plans allow the flexibility to move a cryo-TEM investment from a capital expense (CAPEX) to an operating expense (OPEX).