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Getting started with cryo-EM

You have a partner! With our help, setting up a cryo-electron microscopy facility can be easier than you imagined. We will be with you every step of the way, from discussing flexible financing options, to building planning, to initial sample testing and installation, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can also take advantage of fee-for-service providers, cryo-EM training and more.

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Now is the time to adopt cryo-EM

It’s time to invest in cryo-EM today. Early cryo-EM adopters in the pharma industry are already seeing its benefits. Find out why pharmaceutical leaders around the globe have invested in cryo-EM for drug discovery and learn how their motivations may align with your goals.

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Adopt cryo-EM
Cryo-EM Experts

Service: Setting up for ongoing success

From day one to year one and beyond, you can rely on our expertise to support your investment and research. Our highly knowledgeable cryo-EM application specialists can assist with everything from sample preparation to data processing. Our Cryo-EM University combines online instruction with practical training to transform your lab personnel into a qualified team of cryo-electron microscopists. You can rely on us, a cryo-EM leader currently supporting more than 100 systems worldwide, for long term ongoing support.

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Planning and building advice

We are experts in creating cryo-EM labs. Supporting more than 100 high-end cryo-EM facilities around the world, we offer unparalleled knowledge and expertise. We will perform a site survey to make sure your site meets all room readiness requirements (including vibrations, magnetic fields, temperature stability, and humidity control) prior to installation. We will provide advice on IT infrastructure and resources required to handle big data, environmental conditions needed for the facility, and we will help you to determine what auxiliary lab equipment you might need. Our expertise and support are designed to get you up and running quickly.

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Planning your cryo-EM Lab
Financial options for cryo-EM

Financial resources

We provide a variety of ways to meet your financial needs, including assistance with leasing and financing options. Avoid unexpected expenses by letting us help you properly plan for building and/or remodeling, determine IT infrastructure expenditures and operational costs, including personnel needs, power consumption and data storage.

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Increase your cryo-EM knowledge

Your lab personnel can quickly turn into cryo-EM experts by watching our online Cryo-EM University videos and with practical training from our dedicated application specialists. This exciting free course, created in collaboration with Professor Grant Jensen of Caltech University, combines online instruction with practical training to transform your personnel into cryo-electron microscopists. Learn a range of cryo-EM essentials, including step-by-step single particle analysis (SPA) instructions, expert demonstrations and theoretical lessons, all available at your pace, wherever you want.

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Cryo-EM University
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Cryo-EM? We have an app for that.

With an increasing number of new structural biologists making the transition into cryo-TEM, we focus on enhancing optimal tool performance, simplification of the user interface and automated guidance of experimental settings. We are pushing the high-resolution performance and throughput of our instruments by combining hardware improvements with advanced software capabilities.

Our instruments’ tailor-made user interface makes operation an intuitive process, especially when combined with our easy-to-use app. This Scientific Workflows app guides you through the cryo-EM single-particle analysis workflow and offers advanced calculations like recommended data acquisition magnification and estimated acquisition time. It also contains step-by-step guides, similar to standard operating procedures, tailored to a given set of system configurations and sample/grid characteristics. If more assistance is required, we also have applications experts available for on-site support and training, ensuring you are ready to perform your research with a high level of confidence in your results.

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Testing your sample: Cryo-EM as a service

If you want to take advantage of cryo-EM’s exciting applications in biology but find the cost of in-house adoption too prohibitive, there are options for you. We partner with a number of cryo-EM service providers around the world:

Cryo-EM using a service provider