Cryo-EM Workflow

Single Particle Analysis Workflow

Sample Screening and Data Acquisition

Before the high-resolution data acquisition starts, the sample should be evaluated by cryo-EM (or perhaps better way of saying it: cryo-EM should be performed at a diagnostic level). The objective of this step is to qualitatively assess if the sample is promising to perform a 2D class average analysis and simultaneously obtain initial low-resolution map.

During this step the cryo-EM sample should be pre-screened to evaluate the following properties of the sample:

  • protein concentration, stability and distribution
  • ice quality, thickness and uniformity across the grid

The cryo samples are ideally screened on the autoloader based cryo-TEM systems as multiple freezing conditions can be screened without compromising the ice quality. The Thermo Scientific™ Glacios™ is best suited for this purpose.

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Learn more about Sample screening and data acquisition in the single particle analysis workflow.

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