Assistance Planning Your Cryo-EM Facility

Cryo-EM Lab Planning

In the past, adding large instruments required building a brand-new facility or dramatically altering an existing one to make room for the new technology. The result was added costs and significant laboratory downtime. With the right cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) equipment and a detailed facility plan, you may be able to avoid major modifications to your existing infrastructure. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the advanced expertise you need to precisely plan every aspect of your laboratory, helping to reduce building costs, while optimizing your laboratory for the best results.

Cryo-EM microscopes that save space

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a range of cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopes (cryo-TEMs) designed with variable lab spaces in mind.

  • Smallest in its class, the Thermo Scientific™ Glacios™ Cryo-TEM is only 2.8 meters tall and has the smallest footprint of the 200 kV microscopes. It can often be installed without significant modifications to your building or the need for a purpose-built lab. With a small footprint, superior performance and innovative automation, it brings Single Particle Analysis (SPA) to any structural biology laboratory.
  • The Thermo Scientific Talos™ Arctica Cryo-TEM is another 200 kV microscope, being slightly taller at 3 meters. It has a larger footprint but offers proven technology with extended application flexibility.
  • For labs with more space, the 3.85-meter high Thermo Scientific Krios™ G3i Cryo-TEM is the powerful and flexible 300 kV high-resolution electron microscope of choice for 3D characterization of biological samples, with ultimate optical performance and high throughput.

All three instruments offer designed-in connectivity to the autoloader that ensures a robust and risk-free pathway throughout the entire workflow, from sample preparation and optimization to image acquisition and data processing.

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Cryo-EM microscopes that save space
Expert advice on organizing your laboratory

Expert advice on organizing your laboratory

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the advice and support you need to plan your cryo-EM laboratory. This includes:

  • Specific guidance on site specifications for every microscope type along with a dedicated pre-installation manual.
  • A site survey verifying that all site requirements are met.
  • Extensive support for the placement of Thermo Fisher Scientific products.
  • A dedicated customer success manager who serves as your single point of contact and coordinates the necessary resources.

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Assistance planning all aspects of your infrastructure

To plan your cryo-EM laboratory, it’s critical to consider three main infrastructure components:

  • A sample preparation facility is required for protein purification and sample vitrification.
  • The room dimensions and environmental conditions needed for the microscope facility, along with the transportation route to and from the building.
  • The IT infrastructure required to process and store massive amounts of data and develop 3D reconstructions.

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Assistance planning all aspects of your infrastructure


As there is no single rule on how a cryo-EM laboratory should be organized, we provide support and advice to assist your planning. Fill out the form below to download our Planning a Cryo-electron Microscopy Laboratory guide.

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